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Launch Your Own Home Care Business

At Waiver Consulting Group, we specialize in guiding entrepreneurs like you through the process of starting and building a reputable home care business.

With our ongoing support and comprehensive home care training, our experienced consultants will train, support, and guide your business towards success. We bring a wealth of experience, abundant resources, proven processes, and a lifelong commitment to your agency's education and training.

Why Choose Waiver Consulting Group?

As the largest home care consulting company in the industry, we have worked with home care startups in every state and guarantee a streamlined startup process. With over 20 years of experience, we have successfully assisted over 1,200 home health care business startups.

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Obtain Your Home Care License with Ease

Our Home Care Business Startup Process ensures that you obtain all the necessary licenses in your state, eliminating the hassle and complexity of the application process. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of state-specific regulations for non-medical home care businesses.

Unlock the Benefits of Accreditation

Applying for accreditation from organizations like ACHC or CHAP can enhance your business's reputation and profitability. Accreditation allows you to receive payment from Medicaid beneficiaries and positions your agency as more credible and trustworthy to potential clients and their families.

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Choose Waiver Consulting Group, the trusted partner for starting and growing your home care business.

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Benefits of Our Personal Care Business Start-up Programs

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