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  • State-by-State Regulations on Training Requirements
    Alabama: Follows the Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Alaska: Alaska Administrative Code, Title 7, 12.519. Arizona: Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 36, Article 2, 36.2939 (B.2.a). Arkansas: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. California: California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 5, Chapter 6, §74747. Colorado: Code of Colorado Regulations, 10 CCR 2505‐10 8.525. Connecticut: Connecticut Department of Public Health Regulations, Public Health Code, Title 19‐13‐D69. DC: District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Title 17, Chapter 93, §9327.3. Delaware: Delaware Administrative Code, Title 16, §4406. Florida: Florida Administrative Code, Rule Chapter 59A‐8.0095. Georgia: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol.3, 484. Hawaii: Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 11, Chapter 97, Section 1. Idaho: Idaho Administrative Code, IDAPA 16.03.07. Illinois: Illinois Administrative Code, Title 77, §245.70; 77 IL Admin. Code §395.150. Indiana: Indiana Code 16‐27‐1.5‐1 Iowa: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Kansas: Kansas Administrative Regulations 28‐51‐100. Kentucky: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol.3, 48 Louisiana: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol.3, 484. Maine: Code of Maine Rules, 10‐144, Chapter 119. Maryland: Code of Maryland Regulations, Title Massachusetts: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Michigan: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Minnesota: Minnesota Administrative Rules, 4664.0260. Mississippi: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Missouri: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Montana: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Policies and Procedures, State Certification of Competency for Home Health Aides. Nebraska: Nebraska Administrative Code, Title 175, 14‐006.04G5. Nevada: Nevada Department of Health & Human Services, Medicaid Service Manuals, 1403.8. New Hampshire: New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules, Chapter He‐W 553. New Jersey: New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 13:37‐14.4. New Mexico: New Mexico Administrative Code, New York: New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations (NYCRR), Title 10, § 700.2., New York State Department of Health North Carolina: Division of Medical Assistance, Medicaid Clinical Coverage Policies and Provider Manuals, Clinical Coverage Policy No.: 3A (6.2). North Dakota: North Dakota Administrative Code, Ohio: Ohio Administrative Code, 5160-12-03. Oklahoma: Oklahoma Administrative code, Title 310, 677-9-4. Oregon: Oregon Administrative Rules, 410‐127‐0020. Pennsylvania: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Rhode Island: Rhode Island Rules and Regulations, R23‐17‐HNC/HC/PRO. South Carolina: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. South Dakota: South Dakota Administrative Code, 67‐16:05:01. Tennessee: Rules of the Tennessee Department of Health, Board of Licensing Health Care Facilities, Chapter 1200.08.26. Texas: Texas Administrative Code, Title 40, Part 1, Chapter 97, Sub-Chapter D, §97.701. Utah: Utah Administrative Code, Rule R432-700-22. Vermont: Regulations for the Designation and Operation of Home Health Agencies, Part X, 10.1. Virginia: Virginia Administrative Code, Title 12, Agency 30, Chapter 50, Section 160. Washington: Washington Administrative Code, 246- 335-015-23. West Virginia: Follows Federal Code of Regulations: CFR Title 42, Vol. 3, 484. Wisconsin: Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter DHS 129, Certification of Programs for Training and Testing Nurse Aides, Medication Aides and Feeding Assistants, Subchapter II. Wyoming: Wyoming Department of Health, Aging Division, Rules for Program Administration of Home Health Agencies, Chapter 9.
  • What services does Waiver Consulting Group offer?
    Waiver Consulting Group offers a wide range of services including provider enrollment assistance, regulatory compliance consulting, policy and procedure development, accreditation support, and more. We specialize in helping healthcare agencies navigate the complexities of Medicaid waivers and related programs.
  • How can Waiver Consulting Group help with provider enrollment?
    We provide comprehensive assistance with Medicaid and Medicare provider enrollment, including completing application forms, gathering required documentation, and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. Our goal is to streamline the enrollment process and help agencies start providing services as quickly as possible.
  • What is the process for getting started with Waiver Consulting Group?
    Getting started with us is easy! STEP #1: Initial Consultation Contact us to schedule an initial consultation; Complete the GETTING STARTED form or use our START UP WIZARD to begin. We will send you an invite to our Client Portal and call you to follow up. The invitation to collaborate will be followed by several emails from us about tasks and to-dos for you to complete. These will be followed by a phone call. During the call, confirm your specific needs, goals, and challenges; and ask questions you may have. Be prepare to provide relevant information about your agency, such as services and population type, and any specific areas where you require assistance. (If applicable) STEP #2: Invitation To Collaborate (ITC) Based on the initial consultation, we update your Client Portal. We provide a complimentary market research on your selected service type, proposed location, applicable state, and federal regulations, competitors, branding, and more if requested! Waiver Consulting Group will send you a detailed process outlining your chosen services, scope of work, and timeline to address your agency's needs and achieve your goals. This is sent via an email invite to our Client Portal. STEP #3: Engagement & Collaboration Upon your completion of your ONBOARDING TASK LISTS assigned to you in the Client Portal, you enter into an engagement agreement with Waiver Group on completing your goal. Our Client Portal is where you will follow the progress of your application process. Collaborate with Waiver Consulting Group throughout the engagement, participating in phone meetings, sharing feedback, and actively engaging in the consulting process.
  • Can Waiver Consulting Group help with regulatory compliance?
    Yes, we offer regulatory compliance consulting to help agencies stay compliant with state and federal regulations. We can assist with policy development, staff training, audits, and ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure your agency operates ethically and legally.
  • Does Waiver Consulting Group offer training and education services?
    Yes, we provide training and education services for healthcare agency staff, including caregivers, nurses, administrators, and managers. Our training programs cover a wide range of topics, including regulatory requirements, best practices, and patient care standards.
  • How long does it typically take to see results with Waiver Consulting Group?
    The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on the specific services you require and the complexity of your agency. However, we strive to deliver timely and effective solutions, and our team works diligently to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. In most starts, licensing process takes 60 to 90 days while others take up to 90 to 180 days. We encourage our clients or potential clients to plan ahead.

Why Work Here?


Why Reliability Matters At The Waiver Group!


Healthcare agencies rely on us to help them navigate complex processes. Reliability fosters strong client relationships and long-term success.


Meeting licensing deadlines and navigating regulatory requirements often requires strict time management. Reliability ensures clients don't face delays or setbacks.


We take our responsibilities seriously and stand behind our work, so that clients get the worth of their investment. Our Client Portal maintains an audit trail of our engagement with staff and client alike.

Benefits of Working At The Waiver Group


  • Competitive Salary

  • Comprehensive Healthcare

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)

  • Professional Development(Conference attendance reimbursement or tuition assistance).



  • Flexible Work Options:

    • Remote Work Friendly (remote or hybrid work models).

    • Flexible Scheduling (flextime or compressed workweeks where possible).

  • Focus on Well-being:

    • Mental Health Resources (Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) or subsidized counseling).

    • Wellness Programs (Gym memberships discounts, virtual fitness classes, etc.)

  • Continuous Learning Culture:

    • In-House Training: (webinars and workshops)

    • Mentorship Program: (Pairing experienced staff with new team members).

  • Commitment to Community:

    • Volunteer Time Off (VTO): Paid time for employees to volunteer at relevant organizations.

    • Company-organized Charity Drives: Foster a sense of shared purpose.

Meet Our Team Leaders

M. Gottlieb CEO Waiver Consulting Group

Dr. Michelle Gottlieb, Executive Officer

Dr. Gottlieb provides strategic leadership and oversees all aspects of the company.  She ensures the company delivers exceptional advisory and technical services to clients, driving growth and maintaining compliance within the complex healthcare landscape.



Amara Kamara Licensing & Cerfitication Manager, Waiver Group

Amara Kamara, MHS, MPM, MAIS, CCEP®

Licensing & Certification (L&C) Manager


The Licensing and Certification (L&C) Manager is a frontliner of the firm. He leads a team of specialists responsible for setting up new programs/services by obtaining and expertly navigating the complexities of licenses and certifications on behalf of our clients --a process that is essential for operating in the regulated healthcare sector. Amara oversees a team comprising of the L&C Specialist, Certification Analysts/Publisher, and Credential Specialist. 


Fatima Koroma, Business Manager, Waiver Consulting Group

Fatima Koroma, BSN, RN Business Development Manager (BDM)


The BDM is our Strategic Growth Leader. She drives the Waiver Group's expansion by identifying new markets, services, and partnership opportunities. She develops and executes a comprehensive business development plan to increase revenue, market share, as well as manpower. Our BDM wears multiple hats. She oversees the Customer Support Specialist, Marketing & Communication Specialist, Business Information Technology Specialist, and an Account Manager


Hou Jin, Compliance Manager, Waiver Consulting Group

 Huo Jin, MBA, CHCR®, Compliance Manager

The Waiver Group's Compliance Manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring the organization not only adheres to complex healthcare regulations for its own risk management purpose bur also for our clients of various waiver programs and provider types across the United States. She safeguard the company's reputation and protect clients by proactively mitigating risks and fostering a culture of compliance. Ms. Jin supervises a Regulatory Analyst and a Compliance auditor. 


Dave Logan, Waiver Success Coordinator, Waiver Consulting Group

Dave Logan, MBA, CCEP®, Waiver Success Coordinator (WSC)
The Waiver Success Coordinator acts as a dedicated in-house advocate and guides for entrepreneurs seeking solutions to setup and expansion solutions to their waiver-funded services. The WSC works to ensure positive experiences and optimal outcomes for providers. The WSC supervises the Waiver Eligibility Specialist, and a Training & Development Coordinator. 


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